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Aug, 20th - 21st, 2016 | Faridabad


Roller Coaster Challenge

Make it ride. Let the heart race begin.

Roller Coaster Challenge puts the law of conservation of energy on trial of a student's imagination and encourages them to design and build gravity rides that brings people's heart to their mouth. Our coaster geeks play with changes in gravitational potential and kinetic energy and thrive to make the most exciting ride.

In this competition students need to make model of a roller coaster track using the basic hardware material like plastic tubes, metal wires, PVC pipes and many others. A metal ball of appropriate size is taken as a coaster that should run through all the falls, loops and corkscrews in the track. It is recommended to design your roller coaster around a theme like a jungle, an ocean as that adds up to the excitement factor and your chances of winning.

Sign up for the challenge and unveil the rocketeer in you.

Download manual and rulebook - Roller Coaster

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